The Bazaar of Sails is not just a district it is also the largest free market in the whole of Varisia. Located in the Shore region of Magnimar the Bazaar of Sails is located adjacent to the waterfront, wedged between the Seacleft and the Varisian Gulf and is nearly under the Shadow of the Irespan. The Bazaar of Sails is probably the busiest district of the city, it is filled with the hustle and bustle of traders from dozens of nation all competing for space, attention and profit. From Osirion spices to Andoran wood to Chelish clothing the markets are filled with goods of every sort. With such a variety of wealth on display one might imagine the district was riddled with crime. But, it is well policed; though not by the watch. Sabriyya Kalmeralm bears the title "Princess of the Market" which she inherited from her missing father Nazir Kalmeralm, with it comes the responsibility of keeping the markets reasonably safe through whatever means necessary. Some critics view Sabriyya as little more than Magnimar's most open crime boss. However, those who trade in the Bazaar of Sails understand the service she provides, even if it sometime requires unsavoury methods.[1]