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Type Outsider
(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
CR 15
Environment Any (Hell)

Source: Mother of Flies, pg(s). 78-79

Basileus (also known as the Son of Suns, Prince of Paradises, Jadros Voax, Baphon, Baphon Reborn, the Bleeding Oliphant, the Seventh Spawn, and Vexsoul) is Asmodeus's herald and serves as the voice of Hell itself. He generally takes on the appearance of an unearthly beautiful male of a race matching the observer's but upon closer inspection one can see hellfire burning from within his eyes. Basileus is rarely encountered on the Material Plane, since he typically serves as an ambassador or envoy between Asmodeus and other deities or planar authorities. Rather than being promoted from within the infernal horde, Basileus was created by Asmodeus himself to be the perfect emissary.[1]


Although Basileus appears as a six-foot-tall (typically male) mortal, much of this appearance is a hollow illusion. Some powerful fiends suggest his true form is similar to Baalzebul's form before the loss of his angelic visage. Basileus can surround himself with an illusion that takes the form of the viewer's uttermost terror, causing the weak to die or flee from panic. When showing this illusion, he can manifest several monstrous appendages to attack those who do not flee.