A few among Taldor’s elite realize the foolish end their empire is headed toward and plan to reverse it before the entire nation collapses; Jacquo Dalsine is one of them. A slender and effete gentleman, Jacquo appears to be the very model of a decadent Taldan fop. The truth is while Jacquo can carouse and scribe poetry with the best of them, his favorite art is performed with a blade and he is one of the better swordsmen on the Inner Sea. To Jacquo, the arts of politics and intrigue are no different from that of a duel. There are deceptions, engagements, feints, and disengagements, not to mention lightning fast ripostes. Jacquo sees Taldor as an ailing old duelist, tottering toward death on a foe’s blade, but he knows the empire possesses great puissance if it can be reminded of its former glory. For now, it is key to turn the blades of Taldor’s enemies on one another long enough for the decaying empire to find its footing. Some day, Old Taldor may rise and hold its sword high once again, making allof Golarion tremble at its power.