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The Bandu Hills stretch from Desperation Bay in Sargava eastwards into the heart of the Mwangi Expanse.[1]

The Deeptreasure Mining Company has a hidden base somewhere on the edge of the hills. The company uses a group of xorns to obtain gems from the hills, which are later sold in Eleder. The xorns have been promised a way home once they supply an unspecified number of gems.

At certain times of the year, the waters of Barkskin Lake in the western hills have magical properties. When conditions are right the water is said to temporarily toughen the skin of those who drink it, giving it the appearance and consistency of tree bark. This is a great benefit for adventurers and others who lead violent lives.

Deep within the hills lies the entrance to a massive underground complex. In each cave of the complex a prisoner from an ancient war floats trapped within a magical stasis. Treasure hunters sometimes try to steal their equipment but no one knows what might happen should a prisoner awaken.[2]