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Balanced Scale of Abadar
(Prestige class)
Region Any, often Katapesh
Classes Divine casters
Progression 6 levels

Source: Dark Markets, pg(s). 54-55

Devoted servants of the God of wealth and trade Balanced Scales of Abadar are a unique part of his priesthood that exist to deal with the unique demands that Katapesh has put on the church of Abadar. As well as performing all the usual functions of a priest of Abadar, the Balanced Scales venture into the depths of Katapesh's wilderness seeking to reclaim ill gotten or lost wealth from the tombs and ancient ruins that dot the wilderness. More than mere tomb robbers or divinely sponsored Pathfinders the Balanced Scale seeks to return this wealth to its rightful owner, or if that proves impossible then use it for the betterment of all civilisation and thus strengthen Abadar's church. To achieve such dangerous feats the Balanced Scale gains some unique abilities as well as an eye for wealth, an ability to bypass magical locks and an apt tongue for bargaining (useful to all of Abadar's clerics the Balanced Scale gains the ability to borrow copies of items stored in the mythical First Vault. At the height of their power Balanced Scales of Abadar can even briefly travel through the first vault using it as a way to get out of sticky situations.[1]


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