Azlanti chariot beetle
Type Vermin
CR 5
Environment Any former Azlanti ruin

Source: D1.5: Revenge of the Kobold King, pg(s). 14-15

These beetles were once proud warbeasts of the Azlanti empire. Now they are little more than vermin retaining almost none of their former abilities.


Azlanti chariot beetles are huge creatures easily capable of crushing a man in their mandibles. Vast carapaces cover their back and shimmer in a manner that draws the eye and has strange inexplicable effects on the mind. Apart from its abnormally large size and the strange alluring shimmer of its shell, the Azlanti chariot beetle appears as just like a regular beetle.[1]

Habitat and EcologyEdit

Azlanti chariot beetles inhabit only the ruins of ancient Azlant. Some strange force compels them to find the remains of their former masters and protect them from intruders. The Azlanti chariot beetles were once mightier creatures than they are today able to transport dozens of war wizards and breathe fire. Now all that is left is their shells ability to befuddle the mind.[1]


The Azlanti chariot beetle now has few of its magical abilities left but retains several menacing holdovers from its former greatness.

Hypnotic Carapace 
The carapace of the beetle is able to dazzle the minds of those who look at it.
The beetle attempts to bury any opponent it pins alive beneath the earth.[1]