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The Azlanti are now little more than a memory, an ancient, near mythical progenitor of all human civilization. The last true, pure-blooded Azlanti was one of the most famous humans of all time, dragging the Starstone from the depths of the Inner Sea and later becoming patron deity of the greatest human empires on AvistanAroden himself.[1]


The ancient Azlanti were, according to contemporary accounts, a regal and aloof people with noble features and haughty attitudes. They had dark hair, usually black while their skin tone ranged from olive to pale white. They were also known for having prominent brows and high hairlines. One unique feature of the Azlanti was that some of them had purple colored eyes.[1]


The Azlanti are the precursors to all human civilization. The ancient empire of Azlant, from which the Azlanti gain their name, was the first human empire and covered all of the continent that now bears their name. Little is known of the actual Azlant culture as most of it was destroyed when the continent of Azlant sunk in to the ocean as a result of Earthfall. It is known that the survivors of this lost civilization sought refuge along the coast of the newly formed Inner Sea, eventually creating the nation of Taldor. The history of the Azlanti may be lost to time and the Arcadian Ocean but the Azlanti now form a shared history for many of Avistan's current civilizations.[1]


Again due to time and the collapse of Azlant into the Arcadian Ocean little is known of ancient Azlanti culture. What is known is the effect that Azlanti culture has had on modern culture. Both Taldans and Chelaxians aspire to the mysterious Azlant culture both claim to be direct descendants of the ancient Azlanti in both blood and spirit.[1]


Though pureblooded Azlanti have not been seen for thousands of years, the Azlanti race gave rise to numerous offshoots, some more human than others. The most prevalent are by far the Taldan and Chelaxian ethnicities, while the group closest to the original Azlanti phenotype are the aquatic gillmen. Some Azlanti also fled into the Darklands, where their degenerate descendants became the dark folk, morlocks, grimlocks, and mongrelmen.


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