Titles Port Godless
Nation Rahadoum
Population 72,370

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 123

Azir, the capital of Rahadoum and birthplace of the Laws of Man, is a somber city whose apperance has been greatly modified recently. New buildings have unlikely and drastic angles making it appear as if the builders are trying to free their work from the confines of geometry much like the members of the city freed themselves from the confines of the edicts of gods long ago. At the same time newer buildings' exteriors have been coated in colorful paints while also having gargoyles added on the same buildings.

Despite being known to foreigners as Port Godless, Azir often serves as neutral ground for representatives of various religious sects for meetings or negotiations. Strange paranormal activity sometimes results from invisible wars between celestials and fiends preferring to do battle where no local bias from mortal inhabitants will interfere.[1]

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