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A group of fiendish and powerful dragon the Azi is the name given to several types of dragon that were created in antiquity. These powerful creatures were, according to ancient manuscripts and dusty tomes, originally created by an unholy union of two dark, malevolent creatures, the Lord of all Div, the living destruction known as Ahriman and the evil draconic deity Dahak. Designed to vex and destroy the goodly dragons who worshiped Apsu the Azi combine the worst elements of draconic arrogance and greed with the destructive, violent nature of the Div. So wretched was their birth that all Azi are able cursed and are able to utilise these curses to cause further harm and devastation.[1]

The Azi believe themselves to be a race of draconic nobles combining the blood of dragons with that of the very gods themselves. Supremely arrogant the Azi view all other dragons as subjects and all other mortals as pathetic playthings. This attitude makes Azi hated by almost every other dragon both chromatic and metallic. Even the most evil of dragons rarely has any dealings with the Azi and when they do they tend to look down on them as inferiors which angers the proud Azi. Good dragons universally attempt to eliminate any Azi they find near the territory doing so with zeal and passion. Similarly most mortals bear a deep hatred for the Azi and mythology is full of tales of brave hero defeating these monstrous dragons. Despite being so universally despite the Azi are far from endangered, they are incredibly powerful and even the weakest Azi is as strong as a fully grown dragon.[1]

Types of Avi[]

Aquatic menaces that are the bane of sailors Gandareva spend most of their lives plundering treasure ships and trading vessels.[2]
Swamp dwelling serpents Sruvara boast some of the most potent poison on the face of Golarion they can consume poison that would slay any other creature in an instant.[3]
The largest and most powerful Azi, named for in honour of its creator Dahak, Zahhak are fierce opponent especially against those with the power of flight.[4]