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Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio Secrets
Forbidden knowledge
Worshipers cloakers, neothelids

Little is known of the being called Azathoth, also known as the Blind Formless Chaos That Lies Behind the Stars. It belongs to a group of immensely powerful, yet inscrutable beings said to inhabit the Dark Tapestry called the Great Old Ones, and was worshiped in ancient times by small groups in the Shory empire of Garund.[1]


Azathoth is indirectly linked to the destruction of the flying Shory city of Ulduvai during the early years of the Age of Destiny. Cultists of Azathoth were contacted to help unlock the mysteries of a recently discovered artifact known as the shoggoth stone. Upon activation, the shoggoth stone transformed nearly the entire city into heaps of undulating, rotting viscera.[2]

Church of Azathoth[]

The worship of Azathoth is largely undocumented among humans in modern times, although some cloaker and neothelid communities worship it.[3][4] The only known temple to the power is in the ruins of the broken city of Ulduvai in southern Garund's Shattered Range.[5]


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