The azata (pronounced ah-ZAH-tah)[1] are a race of chaotic good-aligned outsiders, native to the plane of Elysium.[2] Azata are champions of freedom and goodness, choosing to travel the planes helping creatures in need and battling evil. The azata however do not believe that evil can be completely destroyed by methodical campaign, instead they devote themselves to showing up where they are needed most and then doing their best to help and promptly leaving. Their archon cousins call them flighty but azatas view this approach as more realistic. They are also independent creatures and rarely travel in large groups. Instead, they prefer sating their social needs by gathering from time to time around a well-known landmark, where they set up tents, share stories, and sing songs for a few days before packing it all up again and going their separate ways. These gatherings are often spontaneous with the azatas seemingly just knowing when one of these meeting is about to occur. A few of the bigger gatherings do meet regularly but this is not the norm. The three most well-known azata races are the fierce bralani, the knightly ghaele, and the artistic lillend.[3]