Aylsande Benedict
Aliases Captain Hawk
Titles Lady Liberty
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Andoran
Born 4606 AR
Died 4690 AR

Source: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty, pg(s). 28

A bright woman, Aylsande Benedict would gain the nickname "Lady Liberty" and become one of Andoran's most beloved heroes. Her fans are erecting a statue and lighthouse in her honor on a small island near Almas, while another memorial to her alter ego exists on the battlefield on which she was wounded.[1]

Personal historyEdit

Born in Augustana in the year 4606 AR[1], Aylsande abandoned an apprenticeship as a scribe before the age of twenty-one. She began writing political essays on virtue and the value of hard work.[1]

Political historyEdit

Collaborating with great minds, sharing knowledge with them and the planting the seeds of diplomacy, Aylsande attacked the House Thrune in Cheliax . After witnessing the violence in the Red Revolution of Galt, she strove to convince the Andoran people use less violent methods in their own revolution, The People's Revolt. During the revolt, she continued to write pamphlets and do diplomatic work to create a more peaceful solution. Shortly after her death in 4690 AR one of her students collected her diaries, journals and inventions together into a book titled Tales of Lady Liberty.[1]

Military historyEdit

As an alternate identity, Aylsande would magically disguise herself as a soldier named "Captain Hawk", leading raids against the Old Guard. She led attacks to prevent ships with re-enforcements for the Old Guard from getting to them on time, allowing for the Old Guard to be defeated in the battle of Freeman's Field in 4677 AR. A month later, she lost a leg in the victory at Bemis Hieghts. [1]