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A map of the Eternal City of Axis

Sphere Outer Sphere
Alignment Lawful neutral
Denizens inevitables
Lawful outsiders
Lawful neutral souls
Description A vast, perfect city

Axis (pronounced AK-sihs)[1] is a lawful neutral plane in the Outer Sphere, taking the shape of a gigantic city—sort of the first city. The Eternal City of Axis exists among the planes of the Outer Sphere as the personification of universal law, a shining example of perfect order and harmony rising out of the churning Maelstrom. Within the plane's golden barrier walls, the streets are perfectly ordered and clean, the buildings appear as paragons of their respective architectural styles from virtually every culture within the multiverse, and the natives strive to live in orchestrated harmony. Of course, some would label the plane's perfection hollow or its beauty verging on sterility, but given the eternal city's violent history and perhaps precarious present standing, its gods and outsiders alike dismiss such criticism outright.[2]

Rising out of the city is a giant spire atop which lies the Boneyard, where Pharasma judges the souls of the dead.[3]

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