Pathfinder Wiki
Type Outsider
(Daemon, evil, extraplanar)
CR 13
Environment Abaddon

Source: The Great Beyond, A Guide to the Multiverse

Astradaemons (pronounced AH-strah-day-mons)[1] appear as ghostly, faintly phosphorescent, rail-thin humanoids with exaggeratedly long limbs. The fiends also have a seemingly random number of translucent tentacles trailing from their backs, shoulders, and upper arms, which wave and weave through the air. Their bizarre forms possess heads that are skeletal, elongated, and vaguely piscine, reptilian, or canine, always bearing hungry rictus grins. Wicked, curved claws sprout from their hands and feet, and each creature’s tail moves in rhythm with its tentacles, typically hanging toward the ground and almost doubling its length. As the perpetually ravenous servitors of Abaddon's archdaemons, the astradaemons’ touch is corruptive and damaging to the spiritual material of souls. Their touch and especially their bite can cause horrific damage, akin to that of a wraith, to anything they attack. Most feared, however, is their ability to utterly consume the souls of those killed in their proximity, feeding off of their essence or dragging it back to their fiendish overlords.[2]