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(Prestige class)
Region Any
Races Any
Classes Any
Progression 10 levels

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 378-380

Assassins are highly trained murderers that specializes in stealth and assassination, they use a variety of weapons, tools and poisons to either quickly remove their target or escape from a really bad situation. They are iconically shown to use shortswords, daggers, throwing knives or light weapons to prove that they can get the job done really quickly and quietly. Assassins have high dexterity for their ability to adapt, hunt, kill and escape, thanks to their physcial training, they have great athletics, acrobatics, stealth and enduracnce. despite that they have +4 hitpoints and gain them per level, assassins can generally hide anywhere, regardless if is day or night, don't think you're 100% safe from them, they are still out to get you. They have excellent movement speed, they generally can move 30ft but when fully trained and go can even more further than normal, they have very excellent move actions. Allowing them to execute foes in matter of seconds. Assassins with high enough intellect can use magic such as illusion to trick foes or turn invisible to the naked eye. They are considered Evil Aligment because of the crime that laws and religion completely forbids, Murder. Murder is their speciality and since murder is truly a horrific crime, regardless what agliment you are, rather ending a villain's life who will damage everyone around him or killing an innocent little girl, when this act is committed, you are automatically on the Evil Agliment, Regardless of what you are slaying of good or evil reasons, this will put you on evil automatically without question whether you are out of glory, revenge, honor or anything else.

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