Ascendant Court
Nation Absalom
Size Absalom city district
Government conventional (district council)

Source: Guide to Absalom

At the centre of the City at the Center of the World lies the Ascendant Court—Absalom's religious hub, the site of ascension of four gods, and the final resting place of the Starstone itself.[1] The Ascendant Court is the religious centre of Absalom, holding the preponderance of the city's temples as well as the cathedral of the Starstone.[2] Located at the physical centre of Absalom, it serves as a hub between other districts: all roads in the Ascendant Court lead to the Starstone.[2] Aside from the many temples, the district's most notable locations include the Avenue of the Hopeful, God's Market, the Chelish embassy in the former temple of Aroden, and the Black Mask.


Starstone Cathedral

The Starstone Cathedral in the Ascendant Court district

The district council of the Ascendant Court is called the Chamber of Ecclestials, which is headed by nomarch Sindoi of the Thousand Poems and includes representatives of the all the major temples of the district.[2] The nomarch is only rarely a member of any of the district churches, traditionally being assigned to a Vudrani sage.[2] Since the council is often more occupied with holy day celebrations, weddings, funerals, and religious observances, much of the day-to-day running of the district is performed by the Low Council.[2]

District GuardEdit

The Graycloaks are the Ascendant Court's district guard, and consists only of declared nonbelievers who reject the status of the gods as anything other than powerful entities unworthy of worship.[3] They wear light gray wool cloaks, but have no other symbols of affiliation or allegiance.[3] Runewulf the Unbeliever, a cousin of Estrid the White, is Captain of the Graycloaks.[2]


While the Starstone Cathedral is undoubtedly the heart of the district, the Ascendant Court is notable for its concentrated mass of religious centres and for the spectacle surrounding the great and holy chasm.[1] Not far from the Starstone Cathedral one can find a number of major temples such as Sarenrae's Temple of the Shining Star, the Pleasure Salon of Calistria, Cayden's Hall, and the Seventh Church, site of one of Iomedae's miraculous acts.[1] Even the Cathedral of the Fallen honours those who attempted and failed at the Test of the Starstone.[1] Religious fervour and zealotry can be found in the streets and plazas of the Ascendant Court as well, as pilgrims, fools and heroes with aspirations of divinity, and gawkers who don't care whether they witness a success or a failure all flock to this holy site.[1] With the crowds, of course, come those interested in pilfering a few purses or running a little racket at the expense of the out-of-town rubes.[1] Religious conflicts are rare; the last major riot happened on Devil's Night in the late 4690s AR, when displaced nobles from Cheliax fought the guard to burn down the temple of Asmodeus.[2]


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