Nation Artume, River Kingdoms
Size Large town
Population 2,650
Demographics Human 86%, gnome 7%, half-elf 4%, half-orc 2%, other 1%
Government Conventional (regent)
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Sir Bransen Waike, regent

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 10

Artume is a small domain amid hills and fertile plains within the River Kingdoms. Artume lies on a western branch of the Sellen River, not far from the cities of Daggermark, Gralton, and Sevenarches. The region boasts high quality livestock, especially horses, as well as leather goods and stone. The kingdom welcomes adventurers, who Regent Waike frequently uses to deal with bandits and nagas.[1]


After Lord Drellis Artume fell victim to Daggermark poisoners, Queen Sovella left the kingdom in the hands of Regent Bransen Waike, a veteran of the Mendevian Crusades, until she bore a son. Waike forsook his Crusader's Oath and attempted to assassinate the queen, ursurping the throne for himself. Queen Sovella and her son, Edryd, managed to escape, although Waike claims the queen perished.[1]

Regent Waike struggles to maintain control as Gralton lures away his mercenary soldiers and nagas make increasingly bold attacks along the river. Waike's thugs collect tribute from the locals rather than dealing with these problems, causing growing resentment over the situation. Waike plans to acquire as much loot as possible before the kingdom breaks into rebellion.[1]


Artume is known for some of the finest livestock and leather work in the region, a fact that bandits and cattle rustlers are also very aware of. The local ranchers also breed intelligent and well-trained horses and ponies. Because wood is relatively scarce in Artume, local stone is often used in construction, supplied by gnomish rock quarries. Shipwrights along the Sellen often import their lumber from nearby Sevenarches or the Embeth Forest.[1]

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