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Alignment Neutral good
Portfolio Freedom, physical beauty, sexuality
Cleric Alignments
Domains Charm, Good, Liberation, Strength
Favored Weapon Flail

Arshea (pronounced AHR-shey)[1] has been depicted as both male and female, but in either case always with an androgynous beauty. In either guise, Arshea is a champion of the repressed and weary, providing mortals deliverance from their bonds.[2]


Arshea's form suggests the best traits of both the masculine and the feminine.  The empyreal lord's lithe body is physically ideal with a flawless combination of lean muscles and soft curves.  The Spirit of Abandon's face is a study in perfection, and some claim that those who look directly on the being's countenance can never be satisfied with mortal beauty again.  Gossamer clothes constantly swirl around Arshea's form, alternately hiding and revealing the empyreal lord's androgynous form, and Arshea's gray and blue wings flutter gracefully as though part of an eternal dance.


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