Throughout its early history, the Empire of Taldor repeatedly launched expansionist military campaigns, designed to increase its territory. These Armies of Exploration met with variable success. Below is a short list of the best-rememberd of these campaigns.

First Army of ExplorationEdit

The First Army of Exploration, led by the famous General Porthmos, destroyed Goroth Lodge in the Verduran Forest in 37 AR and charted the Sellen River as far as Sevenarches.[1][2]

Third Army of ExplorationEdit

General Coren lead the Third Army of Exploration into western Avistan where he founded the city of Corentyn in 1520 AR in order to secure the passage into and out of the Inner Sea, creating a massive defensive earthwork.[3] Further east, the army built the military outpost of Gensmaren in what is now Razmiran.[4]

Fourth Army of ExplorationEdit

Very little is known of the Fourth Army of Exploration, other than that the soldier Galitian Maramaxus greatly distinguished himself while serving in its ranks.[5]

Fifth Army of ExplorationEdit

The Fifth Army of Exploration continued the work of the First Army of Exploration, mapping the many branches of the Sellen River in 2014 AR. A veteran of this war named Maldar Tymon founded the city-state of Tymon in what is now the River Kingdoms in 2021 AR. Taldor granted him this land after many years of distinguished service to the Empire.[6][7] The Fifth Army is also known for commissioning a huge bombard known as Worldbreaker from the Gunworks of Alkenstar.[8]

Sixth Army of ExplorationEdit

The Sixth Army holds the ignoble reputation of having lost Worldbreaker to the forces of the Gorilla King in the Mwangi Expanse.[8]

Seventh Army of ExplorationEdit

In 2133 AR the Seventh Army of Exploration pacified the Kellid tribes of the Isgeri between the Menador and Five Kings Mountains in a desire to control trade between Druma and the Inner Sea regions, resulting in the signing of a peace treaty.[9][1]