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Second Darkness Adventure Path
Armageddon Echo
Sphere Demiplane
Denizens Echo creatures
Description A pocket dimension endlessly reliving the destruction of Earthfall

The pocket dimension known as the Armageddon Echo was discovered by the drow wizard Nolveniss Azrinae while researching the ancient aboleth magics which brought about Earthfall. After combining research gathered from studying Riddleport's Cyphergate with ancient aboleth writings discovered by agents of the Winter Council and Allevrah Azrinae, Nolveniss traveled to the ancient elven ruin of Celwynvian and found a way of accessing a shadowy reflection of that ancient catastrophe. This demiplane was coterminus to Celwynvian and the Shadow Plane and in it the weeks leading up to the Starstone's impact with Golarion were endlessly repeated. Nolveniss used this access to further refine his knowledge of the magics needed to call down enormous meteorites from the sky.[1]

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The Great Beyond
Inner Sphere

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