Type Aberration
CR 11
Environment temperate or cold mountains

Source: The Hook Mountain Massacre, pg(s). 86-87

Argorths are the spawn of the mothers of oblivion, and are among the most fearsome minions of Lamashtu. They are beasts of raw destruction—walking natural disasters—that follow the quiet whispers of their demon goddess.


Argorths looks like enormous, unholy worms made of thrashing flesh and gnashing teeth. They lack the segmented appearance of a worm, and are supported by numerous tentacle-like legs. Argorths are nearly thirty feet in length. Argorths don't appear to have any sort of sensory organ. Their faces, if they can be so-called, consist entirely of a gaping chasm-like mouth lined with shark-like teeth the width of their body.[1][2]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

An argorth does not have a set habitat. It wanders the land carving a trail of destruction where ever it goes. They do not seek the company of other argorths since their unique method of creation removes their need even to mate. Argorths are not born in any conventional sense of the word. They are created from the severed tentacle of a mother of oblivion, for their tentacles can become so enraged with blood-thirst that they refuse to stop killing and attacking even when everything left to kill is dead. In this case the mother of oblivion tears off her own tentacle thus creating a monster known as an argorth.[2]


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As a savage creature entirely obsessed with destruction the argorth does not have a wide array of special powers and those it does have all help it in its ruinous quest.

Death Throws 
When finally killed the argorth's final act is to lash about, smashing into anything nearby and usually flattening them.
Fearful Shriek 
Argorths can unleash an unholy, unearthly howl that terrifies all within a hundred yards.
Ground Slam 
An argorth slams its entire body into the ground, hurting itself but also damaging all those nearby and knocking them over.
Swallow Whole 
Argorths enjoy devouring whole any creature that it hits with is bite attack.[2]