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Archdevils are the eight major devils who rule the first eight layers of Hell, the ninth of which is ruled by Asmodeus. Although they posses powers akin to godhood, only Asmodeus is a true deity. The others pay strict obeisance to him, even while they tirelessly scheme against him and each other. Though they are each worshiped individually or as a group on Golarion, organized cults are rare outside of Cheliax. Those who do venerate an individual archdevil are generally lone cultists who on the surface are normal members of society, while also maintaining small, hidden shrines. The eight archdevils are Baalzebul, Barbatos, Belial, Dispater, Geryon, Mammon, Mephistopheles, and Moloch.[1]




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Zariel ruled the 1st layer of hell. She was befriended by Bel, Baazebul, Belial, and Moloch