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The Arch of Aroden is a monolithic arch which stretches hundreds of feet above the 15 miles of the Hespereth Strait linking the Inner Sea to the Arcadian Ocean. Despite the fact that the arch spans two continents, both ends have been a part of the nation of Cheliax since their victories in Garund in 4137 AR.[1][2][3] By controlling the arch, Cheliax has the power to effectively shut down all trade and naval traffic in or out of the Inner Sea.


Beginning in AR 2555 thousands of exiled clerics and faithful fled north across the straits as the Rule of Man spread from Azir throughout the entire nation of Rahadoum ending the Oath Wars. Amidst this religious upheaval and civil unrest a plan for the construction of a bridge connecting the continents emerged under the leadership of Lord Kevid Chemoch. Lord Chemoch succeeded in finding a way to focus all of the religious fervor and created a combination of large public works project reliant upon slave labor and tribute to the god Aroden. The arch was completed in AR 2606. [4]

Numerous attempted invasions took place across the arch until Cheliax seized control of Karijite during the Everwar in AR 4137.

Nearly a third of the arch has collapsed making it useless as a bridge at the current time.[1]

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