Arcane archer
(Prestige class)
Races Elf and Half-elf
Classes Multiclass rangers / arcanists
Progression 10 levels

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 374-376

The Arcane Archer is a path sometimes pursued by elves and half-elves who seek complete mastery of the way of the bow. By mixing two of elven kinds favourite pursuits, archery and magic, an arcane archer can elevate there archery to another level. Not only does their accuracy improve but they gain the ability to enchant their arrows turning even the most mundane ammunition into a potent magical weapon, they can even use use arrows to deliver their spells. They also gain unnerving abilities to use these arrows, able to shoot them so that they seek target out of sight behind cover, they can even shoot arrows that go straight through cover passing through walls like they were mist. The most powerful arcane archers can even craft arrows so potent that they will slay their target no matter how tough with a single blow. The most frequent path to becoming an arcane archer is to combine the twin disciplines of the bow using ranger and the spell wielding wizard though this is by no means the only path elves have taken to become an arcane archer.[1]


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