Arcadia, the continent after which the Arcadian Ocean is named, is located over 4,000 miles west of Avistan. Few have visited it, and fewer still have returned. Those who have visited Arcadia describe it as a verdant, natural wonderland filled with stunning vistas and boundless resources. It seems to be a place completely unclaimed by civilization. The only settlement on Arcadia that has truly lasted is Valenhall, where the great kings of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings come to die after embarking on one final voyage, island hopping across the northern reaches of the Arcadian Ocean. Those who reach Valenhall believe they have transcended to their final reward on another plane.[1]

Despite the beautiful natural appearance of Arcadia, it is not as uninhabited as it appeared to the first visitors to the land. Soon after the first Linnorm King completed his epic quest and landed on Arcadian soil, he encountered the Skraelings, the native humans of Arcadia. They are a fierce people who have fought many battles against the invaders of their land, utilizing bows and tomahawks in an attempt to drive them back into the ocean. Despite their hostility towards outsiders, they generally leave Valenhall alone, having decided it is too heavily defended to be worth their trouble. The other Avistani settlements of Elesomare (established by Andoran), Canorus, and Anchor's End (established by Cheliax) are not so lucky.[1]