Race/Species Unknown
Gender Male
Homeland Solku, Katapesh

Source: The Jackal's Price, pg(s). 83

Aqsarm is a nefarious poison dealer who has dominated and destroyed his competitors ruthlessly. Aqsarm is not just a poison dealer, he is also a powerful wizard and it was through his arcane mastery that he gained his biggest advantage for he has bound the shir known as Rantisiz to his service and has been using the Div as his private assassin. Few know of Aqsarm's bound Div servant, most knowing it only as the fearful legend of the Shadowed Eye of Solku. Those who do know about Rantisiz are allowed to hire the Div for their own assassinations if they can afford the huge price, Aqsarm has made a small fortune from hiring out his bound shir.[1]