Being the only country with open, democratically-elected leaders, Andoran's relations with its more autocratic neighbors is generally poor. Foreign powers worry that their peasantry might see the People's Revolt as an example and start to question their own place in the social order.[1]

Cheliax Edit

Cheliax has yet to recognize the fledgling nation, still officially seeing it as a breakaway province. The border between the two countries is heavily fortified with keeps and garrisons, and it is rumored that the Chelaxians conduct raids in order to capture Andorans for "repatriation".[1]

Druma Edit

The Kalistocracy of Druma is only interested in Andoran as a source for trade. It considers its democratic aspirations a worthless distraction from the increase of wealth, and therefore has as little to do with the government in Almas as possible. Any military assistance offered by Druma would have to be paid for.[1]

Isger Edit

As the only remaining Chelaxian colony in this part of the world, Isger regards its neighbor with naked hostility. Luckily for Andoran, the country is kept occupied by its need to hold back goblinoid attacks from the Chitterwood, and has little energy to waste on causing trouble.[1]

Kyonin Edit

There is little to no communication with the insular elven court of Kyonin, despite the fact that the elves appreciate Andoran's respect for liberty and the rights of the individual. No formal treaties exist, but should the need for military support arise, it is not implausible that the two countries would come to each others assistance.[1]

Taldor Edit

Taldor's powers that be are generally too busy plotting against each other, or with the governments of Qadira and Cheliax to pay much attention to their neighbor to the west. Andoran forces are on constant guard to defend themselves against border skirmishes, but these are generally minor and ineffectual. The government in Almas has no formal alliances with its mother country, and all trade and travel between the two countries is allowed.[1]