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Amber Scott
Amber Scott
Homepage Medesha Freelancing
Born 1977
Hometown Redwater, Alberta
Position Contributor

Amber Scott is perhaps best known for her 2006 Eberron supplement Secrets of Xen'drik published by Wizards of the Coast. In addition to this book, she has written a number of articles for Dragon and has made a handful of contributions to the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting.[1]

Pathfinder credits[]

Title Date Volume (Page)
Campaign Setting 0808August 2008 CS
Celwynvian"Celwynvian" 0810October 2008 PF15 (48)
Cheliax, Empire of Devils 0908August 2009 CEoD
Council of Thieves Player's Guide 0908August 2009 CoTPG
Dark Markets: A Guide to Katapesh 0904April 2009 DM
Darkest Before the Fall"Darkest Before the Fall" (Pathfinder's Journal) 0810October 2008 PF14 (72)
Legacy of Fire Player's Guide 0903March 2009 LoFPG
NPC Guide 1003March 2010 NPC
People of the Road"People of the Road" 0802February 2008 PF7 (62)
Second Darkness 0808August 2008 SD
Staff of the Magi"Staff of the Magi" 1004April 2010 CTR (46)
Thin Air"Thin Air" (Pathfinder's Journal) May, 2008 PF9 (72)
Thousand Miles to Absalom"A Thousand Miles to Absalom" (Pathfinder's Journal) 0812December 2008 PF17 (72)
Tieflings of Golarion"Tieflings of Golarion" 0908August 2009 PF25 (60)
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