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Titles The Welcomer
Alignment Lawful neutral
Portfolio Doors
Cleric Alignments
Domains Community, Law, Magic, Protection
Favored Weapon dagger

Alseta is the goddess of doorways, thresholds, and the transition from year to year. She maintains favorable relations with most civilized deities, watching over their domains in times of their absence or playing hostess for gatherings of gods. She is informally the goddess of teleportation, which comes with her dominion over doorways, though this additional aspect of her portfolio is unofficial. Elves also consider her the patron deity of elf gates though, again, this is not part of her official portfolio.[1]


Alseta is generally depicted in artwork in the form of a pleasant-faced woman adorned in plain gray attire. The most distinctive element of her appearance is the smiling mask she commonly wears on the back of her head.[1]


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