Nation Andoran
Size Metropolis
Population 76,600
Demographics 73% human, 9% halfling, 8% dwarf, 7% elf, 2% gnome, 1% other
Government Democratic
Alignment Neutral good
Leader Codwin I (mayor)

Source: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty, pg(s). 14

Almas (pronounced AHL-mehs)[1] is the capital of the free nation of Andoran, and one of the largest and most influential cities on the Inner Sea. In many ways the city's egalitarianism and multi-culturalism typify the assumptions and prejudices that are held about Andoran society in general.[2][3]

Geography Edit

Almas is located on Andoran's southern coast, where the mouth of the Andoshen River meets the Inner Sea. Almas is built on a series of hills, and connected by several bridges crossing the Tamuth, Kernite, and Moulton rivers; these three waterways flow through the city before joining the water of the Andoshen and emptying into the sea.[3]

The spiritual center of the city of Almas is the Field of Concord. This former Chelaxian parade ground is now home of the palace of the People's Council in its westernmost end and the twin spires of the Golden Cathedral to the east. The center of the Field is dominated by a large marketplace as well as the Golden Aerie, that headquarters of Andoran's Eagle Knights and residence of General Reginald Cormoth. Beyond the Field of Concord the city is divided into numerous districts, each providing specialized services and goods the people of the Almas.[2][3]

Districts of Almas Edit

Government Edit

Almas is home of the People's Council, the elected rulers of Andoran. The council consists of 350 members who are elected every five years to run the nation. These representatives then elect civil officials like ministers, lesser bureaucrats and mayors. Being the capital city, Almas is governed by the current Supreme Elect of the People's Council rather than an appointed mayor. Currently this is Codwin I of Augustana.[2]

Economy Edit

Almas is a center of trade on the Inner Sea. While not boasting markets as large as Absalom or as varied as Katapesh, it is still an important trading city thanks to its duty-free markets and the annual Great Andoran Fair. This festival lasts the whole month of Sarenith and causes the city to swell with the influx of traders from across Golarion.[2]

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