Alkenstar City
Nation Alkenstar
Population 53,600

Alkenstar City is the capital city of the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar, housing the whole of the Duchy's governmental infrastructure. The city is located on top of the Hellfallen Cliffs, where the Ustradi River falls seven hundred feet down Alken Falls. Monumental works of engineering and architecture, including the Bridge of the Gods, connect the city to the vassal communities of Martel and Dongun Hold. As a result of the urban development of the Duchy, many incorrectly consider these vassals mere districts of Alkenstar City proper, rather than distinct communities in their own right.

Alkenstar City is also the nation's center of industry, housing the duchy's infamous Gunworks, the source of mass-produced firearms used both for the protection of the city-state and for trade throughout the Inner Sea region. As a result of the industrial advancement of Alkenstar, a constant cloud of white steam and sooty smoke hangs in a haze over the city, generated by the gears and pistons of countless factories operating around the clock.[1]


Cities of Alkenstar

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