Leader Ahrikvask
Alignment Neutral Evil
Headquarters Northern Katapesh
Scope Local (northern Katapesh)
Members Gnolls

The Al'Chorhaiv tribe of fearless gnolls, live in the open with no centralized lair or specific defenses. They recognize no territory and roam anywhere in the Brazen Peaks they can find meat. Their chieftain is Ahrikvask, a deceptive murderess and master of scorpions. Isvhag, a large monstrous scorpion travels alongside the chieftain. Another notable member of the tribe is Vamaag, the former sacred mother in the service of Lamashtu and a silent opponent of the chieftain. Emissaries of the Carrion King often come to the Al'Chorhaiv seeking news of the surrounding lands, poisons, and their skills as archers and assassins. The size of the tribe is 46 gnolls and countless scorpions.[1]


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