Ailson Kindler
Gender Female
Homeland Caliphas, Ustalav
Organization Pathfinder Society (former)

Source: Classic Horrors Revisited, pg(s). 50

Ailson Kindler is an author and former associate of the Pathfinder Society. Because of strong disagreements with the Society, she has cut all ties with them.[1]


She grew up in Caliphas, the capital of Ustalav, and became an adventurer to avenge the death of her sister. Ultimately unsuccessful, she continued fighting evil (particularly undead) wherever she found it.[1] In 4685 AR, with the help of her fiancée Duristan Barlhein, she defeated the undead ruler of the county of Amaans, the Viscount Galdyce.[2]


Ailson is the author of at least three books which chronicle her adventures fighting the forces of evil. Galdyce's Guest: Feast of the Nosferatu describes her encounters with the nosferatu vampires of the Vale of Red Breath.[2][3] Steps Upon the Sanguine Stair details her encounters with the spectral entities known as ghosts.[4] Bleak Heart is the tale of her investigation into the crimes of the feral undead known as the vrykolakas.[5]