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The Age of Enthronement began with the founding of Absalom, and its inception is also the starting point for the Absalom Reckoning dating system. The Age of Enthronement spans the years from 1 AR until 4606 AR when Aroden, the God of Humanity, died.

This age is characterised by the emergence of a number of Gods who ascend to divinity through the Test of the Starstone. Gods to survive the test are Aroden in 1 AR, Norgorber in 1893, Cayden Cailean in 2765 and Iomedae in 3832. The nations of Andoran and Cheliax were founded as expansion from the kingdom of Taldor. The Oath Wars raged across northwest Garund between 2498 AR and 2560 as the churches of Nethys, Norgorber and Sarenrae vied for dominance. The Whispering Tyrant arose in 3203 AR invoking the Shining Crusade in 3754 AR which burned for three quarters of a century and ended with the founding of Lastwall to defend against the return of the lich king. In 4305 AR, Cheliax began an extended period of expansion, annexing lands in Molthune and Varisia, which would become known as the Everwar.[1]

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