Prince Aduard Ordranti III
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Ustalav

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 143

Despite having been the ruler of Ustalav for more than three decades, Prince Aduard Ordranti III is almost completely indifferent to his role as leader of a nation. Born as the younger brother of Valislav Ordranti (who eventually became known as the Eunuch Prince), most believed he was destined never to rule. When his brother died without a legitimate heir in 4674 AR Aduard was thrust upon the throne. Aduard has never adjusted to the subtle politicking of Caliphas court life, and approaches most situations with the tactless, blunt approach of a soldier (he held an honorary position as a general in the Ustalavic army). When discretion is necessary, Aduard relies on his brother's aged advisor, Diauden, and it is on his advice that he seeks a wife to give him an heir.[1]