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Sphere Outer Sphere
Alignment Neutral evil
Denizens Daemons
Neutral evil outsiders
Neutral evil and stolen souls
Description Apocalyptic wasteland scattered with daemonic citadels

Abaddon (pronounced AH-bah-don)[1] is the desolate home plane of the daemons. A wasteland of infinite and apocalyptic proportions, permanently eclipsed, it is home to the daemonic citadels of the Four Horsemen. There is said to be another region, bounded by those four from which all but the Horsemen are turned away. The river Styx flows from this plane, out through the Maelstrom, often touching Hell and the Abyss to eventually pool below Pharasma's spire.[2]

Citadels of The Four[]

The Throne of Flies
The citadel of Pestilence, ruled by Apollyon. Plaguemere is a vast swamp of disease and torment surrounding the citadel, which is a huge afflicted corpse, perhaps that of a dead god or Protean lord.
The Drowning Court
The citadel of Death, ruled by Charon. A rickety collection of artificial islands chained together above a whirlpool, it is at the heart of Charon's domain, the fiendish river, Styx.
The Cinder Furnace
The citadel of Destruction, ruled by Szuriel. Surrounded by plains scattered with massive knife-like projections of obsidian, swathes of ash, smoke, and bone, and blackened lesser daemonic fortresses, Cinder Furnace is carved into the heart and walls of an immense dead volcano.
The Weeping Tower
The citadel of Wasting, ruled by Trelmarixian the Black. This minaret of mucus and pus pulses, fluctuates and trembles with internal lights and screams, here the hideous experiments on the nature of the soul and its torture and destruction are carried out.[2]

Places of Interest[]

  • The Bile Sluice
  • Ruined Spire of the Drowned Prince
  • The Broodcomb Field
  • Vorasha's Writhing Tower
  • Urgathoa's Domain
  • Zyphus' Domain
  • Writhing Palace of Vorasha the Ophidian
  • Balishek's Crater
  • Sheol, the Common Grave
  • The Oblivion Compass
  • Burning Aerie of Pavnure, Lord of Nothing
  • Mere of Broken Angels


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