4606 AR in deities

  • Aroden's clerics are cut off from their god after storms wrack Golarion for three weeks on the eve of his prophesied return and the connection is never reestablished, leading most to believe that Aroden is dead.[1]

4606 AR in conflicts

  • Following the death of Aroden, and the loss of the Chelish Emperor's divine mandate, certain noble houses begin to compete for the crown. This leads to a civil war in Cheliax.[2][3]

4606 AR in politics

4606 AR in environment

  • The death of Aroden is followed by tremendous storms across the face of Golarion.[6]
  • At the very moment of Aroden's death, the most powerful hurricane the world has ever known forms off the western coast of Garund. It is known as the Eye of Abendego and has yet to die down.[7]
  • The Eye of Abendego leads to massive storm surges which flood the low-lying land along the western coast of Garund leading to the death of thousands.[7] This destroyed Lirgen and Yamasa, creating the Sodden Lands.


  • The Pathfinder Society, realizing the momentousness of current events, mobilizes all of its members to record the myriad of events transpiring throughout Golarion. Because of the chaos, the Society gains access to numerous sites and artifacts formerly inaccessible, moving to protect them or taking them to the Grand Lodge in Absalom for safe keeping.[8]
  • This marks the first year of the Age of Lost Omens.[4]
  • Massive earthquakes rock the plains south of Mzali and destroy five cities, thus creating the Shatterfield.[9]


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