• Daidian Ruel and his group of former soldiers and friends become very effective in hunting down Path of Grace cultists in the Chelish capital of Westcrown, but the cult's influence within the city results in many being released from custody. In response, Ruel and his group resort to vigilante justice and more extreme methods. Widely praised by average citizens, they earn the wrath of the dottari and Ruel is arrested in Sarenith. Freed by his men, Reul flees the city only to return and plea his case before King Gaspodar. The King recognizes the necessity of setting the city to order before the prophesied coming of Aroden, and pardons Ruel before commissioning him to establish a new knightly order. Ruel accepts the King's commission, but refuses to allow consecration by the church of Aroden. The faitful of Aroden denounce his order and name them Hellknights.[1][2]